College Rules and Regulations 

  1. SHIFT – I Timing : 8:30 a.m to 1:20 p.m. Student are not permitted to enter into the campus after 8:30 a.m and not allowed to leave the College before 1:20 p.m. Visitors are strictly not allowed during the class Hours.SHIFT – II Timing : 1:40 p.m to 5:50 p.m. Student are not permitted to enter into the campus after 1:20 a.m and not allowed to leave the College before 5:50 p.m. Visitors are strictly not allowed during the class Hours.
  2. Dress code: All students in the campus should be cleanly dressed. All girl students should wear Churidhar with Dhupata and Canvas Cut (Pump) shoes, Slippers will not be permitted. All boy students should wear formal dress, tuck in their shirts and wear black shoes. They should not wear T shirts and Jeans Pants.
  3. Identity Card: Each student will be issued an identity card with name, photo and signature and they should wear their identity card inside the Campus.
  4. Staff Incharge: Each and every student will be assigned with a staff as a student counselor/Tutor. This counselor will advise / counsel on any matters relating to academic as well as personal for their better future.
    Ragging: Govt. of Tamil Nadu has banned Ragging in Educational Institutions. Hence any one indulging in Ragging will be punished as follows:

    1. Imprisonment upto a term of 2 years.
    2. A fine upto Rs. 10,000/-
    3. Students convicted for Ragging will be dismissed from the institution and shall not be admitted in any other Educational Institutions.

    Transport Facility: The College provides bus facility for the students to commute from their place of residence to the College.
    University Fees: The fees prescribed by the University will be collected from each student separately and sent to the University of Madras as per University norms
    General: The College expects the students to do serious and sustained work and to make maximum use of the facilities offered for their all-round development.
    To Parents: The College expects parents or guardians to co-operate with the college authorities in the education of their children. They should follow the student’s progress in studies and his/her conduct. The parents should meet the concerned student’s counselor for his/her progress. The periodical tests are conducted and the results are communicated to the parents. Parents are requested to note these results, and follow up the academic performances of their wards. Parents are also requested to feel free to have discussion with the Principal. In fact, parents must feel it their duty to contact the Principal by phone or in person at frequent intervals and ascertain the performance of their wards.

    General Rules & Regulations:

    1. The Management reserves the right of admission. In matters of admission, academic programmes, extra curricular and co-curricular activities and students discipline the decisions of the managements shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
    2. The Management reserves the right to increase fees for any course of study at the beginning of the academic year, if necessary. Tuition fees and other fees should be paid on or before the stipulated dates.
    3. All admissions are made provisionally and subjects to the approval of the University of Madras.
    4. Indulgence in activities of Union or association based on Caste, Colour, Creed, Language,Nationality or Political ideology will not be permitted within the premises of the College or in the hostels.
    5. The Management reserves the right to expel any student from the college on grounds of serious irregularity of attendance, insubordination, malpractice in the examination or any other act of indiscipline or misconduct. The decision of the college authorities in this regard shall be final.
    6. The students should not loiter in the college premises when the classes are in progress. When they are free, they should make use of the college library.
  1. Ragging in any form is serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed. The cause of expulsion will be entered in their Transfer Certificate.
  2. Strict discipline will be maintained in the College campus. Non-compliance with the guidelines or regulations of the college will be severely dealt with by appropriate disciplinary action.
  3. Students can take part in inter-collegiate competitions, TV/ Radio Programmes, only after getting the prior permission of the Principal.