Hostel Facilities :

  1. Students seeking hostel accommodation are required to give a written request countersigned by their parent or guardian.
  2. The application form for the hostels available in the College Office.
  3. Students who wish to be residents shall strictly abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Management.
  4. Inmates of each room are jointly and severally responsible for the furniture, fitting, etc. And any damage to the Hostel Property is recoverable from them.
  5. Guest or Outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the hostel without prior permission of the warden.
  6. Once a student reserves his/her seat and pays the fees for hostel accommodation, he / she will not be eligible for refund, if he/she chooses not to stay in the hostel.
  7. The MESS will be run by the students themselves on a cost- sharing basis.
  8. The Hostel opens a day prior to the re-opening of the College.
  9. At the time of admission to the Hostel, parents should accompany their wards.